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MARC Touring Class 


The overall philosophy of Touring Class Judging is that the “best” vehicle is the most original and correct vehicle in the best condition. All vehicles meeting the entry criteria will be judged, but any modifications will result in a less than perfect score.


The intent of Touring Class is to give national recognition to those authentic appearing and well maintained Model As that are regularly driven to shows, club events, public interest, and for the general pleasure of the owner.


  1. Model “A” type four-cylinder engine

  2. Model “A” front axle and suspension

  3. Model “A” rear axle and suspension

  4. Model “A” frame

  5. Model “A” production type body and custom commercial bodies using Model “A” hood, cowl, and fenders

  6. Model “A” production-type fenders without alterations

  7. No modifications such as chopped top or other body alterations

  8. Must complete the mandatory tour

  9.  Must complete an equipment functional check

  10.  Owners are required to assist in judging activities (unless judging in Fine Point Judging going on at the same time)

  11.  Vehicle must not be entered in Fine Point Judging during the same meet


This article includes a very informative video which explains the use of the MARC Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards in conjunction with the Touring Class Judging Standards to improve the quality of your Model A.

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