September 10th through 12th, 2021

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New England Meet:

    Hello Model A Ford Club of Long Island members and fellow Model A Ford enthusiasts let me give you some insights into the New England Meet.  Over sixty years ago local Model A Clubs decided to have a yearly regional meet, the success of this meet morphed into our current yearly event.  This is the largest Model A Meet in the northeast region where hundreds of Model A people come to show their commitment to the preservation of this wonderful automobile.

    Each year one of the local chapters of MAFCA or MARC hosts this event, they all put their own spin to the event.  Every Meet is a bit different featuring a scenic tour and nights of local entertainment. A repair tent is set up to assist owners who experienced Model A troubles over the course of the weekend.  The meet may also include a swap meet and era fashion show as well of other Model A themed events.  Restorers hone their abilities with the rivalry of car judging and the presentation of awards.

      Every September the clubs pack their Model A’s for the trip across the North East Region.  Some drive their cars others prefer to trailer, but once they arrive they are consumed by the presents of Model A Ford’s.  Each year a carefully planned trip that will assure fun and safety as we head to another destination.  Gas and lodging is laid out for each event by MAFCLI to ensure a pleasant ride to and from each Meet.  I have attended about ten meets in the last ten years and looking to continue to in the future.   


Check your dipstick,

As always Jon